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Author's Chapter Notes: Vin's turn to explain his part in this. Sorry no actual sex seems to have happened in this chapter, don't know why? They are still not mine and I certainly don't mean to infringe on anyone's work. Would love some feedback.

“Ya wanted to see me pard?” Vin walked into the dim back cell of the jail cautiously.

“What the hell were you thinking.? Suggesting Buck put my name in to judge that damn contest!” Chris stood with his back to the tracker, still struggling to get his britches up and closed. What did that laundry do to all his pants to make them shrink? He wiggled his ass a bit to see if that helped, then turned to look at his friend. The Larabee glare was hard to give when the person he aimed for had their eyes glued to his crotch.

“Vin! I‘m talkin‘ to you.” Damn if sometimes he didn’t feel like a juicy bone laying in the butcher shop window, with these two mutts drooling and staring. “Stop doing that!”

Vin just slowly raised his eyes and smiled, “I thought you wanted to get to know the folks in town better?”

“What? Why the hell would I want that?” Chris had finally managed to get his clothes rearranged to his satisfaction, but now he was so thunderstruck by Vin‘s calm assertion, well he didn‘t know whether to smack the man or double over laughing. “That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard! What the hell would make you think that?”

Vin frowned, “Ezra said you needed to … I don’t rightly remember the fancy words he used but Josiah said it meant that you needed to get to know the folks here bouts better so you wouldn’t be pissed all the time.”

Vin smiled, surely ole Chris would understand that Vin had only wanted to help his friend be happier. There were very few things that Vin would not do to make Chris happy, even sharing the expense with Buck to have all the gunfighter’s jeans custom laundered by that little Chinese woman. He had to admit Buck had been right about the jeans looking great on Chris’s ass when they fit that way.

Chris was feeling right uncomfortable seeing the way Vin was again staring at his nether regions. Damn the man! Did he have any idea what thoughts those blue eyes but into Chris’s head, and that red shirt, why the hell did he have to wear that? Red. Somehow the color riled him up, made him think of bordellos, silken skin, sweat, sheets, and well… sin. Yep that was it red was a sinful color, maybe why Bucklin had that damn red vest. Maybe why Chris liked seein’ him wearin’ it.

Vin watched Chris daydreaming about something, a wicked little smile playing on his face, he could see that the gunslinger’s thought were far away. Well a good time for Vin to pursue his hobby. Making a list of ways he would like to fuck Chris Larabee senseless. He was up to number 7 when Chris grunted and seemed to notice that they were both just standing there grinning. Vin swallowed and tried to think of something else, something calming… nothing really came to mind as Chris stalked towards him.

Just as another step would have put them into each others arms Buck knocked loudly on the jail door. Company.

Vin stepped back and made sure his jacket was closed enough to hide any visible evidence of his daydreams. Chris pulled his duster on quickly, settling it too. Voices from outside penetrated, female voices.

Chris flinched.

Vin grinned. “Sorry pard I spect I better get goin I think I got to make a patrol.” Vin started for the door.

“Get your ass back here!” Chris growled through gritted teeth. “You ain’t leavin’ yet.” Chris’s panicked thoughts finishing, you ain’t leavin’ me alone! Vin turned back to him, grin still in place.

“C’mon now pard, you ain’t scared of a couple of ladies.” Vin gave his friend a sly grin.

“You sayin’ you ain’t?” Chris huffed.

Vin looked thoughtful for just a moment, then sighed. “Guess I owe it to you.”

“Damn right, you and Bucklin too.” Chris resisted smiling.

“Thought Buck done paid his debt… sort of worked it off?” Vin smirked just a little.

Chris had to bite back his reply as the door swung open, Buck grinned at them and stepped back to allow the three ladies behind him to enter. Gloria Potter, Nettie Wells, and Mary Travis walked into the jailhouse. For one brief moment Chris considered shooting them all including Buck and Vin and running away. Or not, surely the Judge would understand?

Instead Chris tried to put a less frightening (or was that frightened) look on his face and spoke. “Ladies what can I do for you?”

“Mr. Larabee, we need to know what flavor of pie you would prefer for the contest.” Gloria Potter stated succinctly. Chris froze under the pressure. His eyes skittered across to Buck helplessly.

“Ah well ladies let me get back to you on that, old Chris may need a few minutes to decide.” Buck smoothly distracted Gloria, but Miss Nettie and Mary Travis frowned.

“Mr. Larabee, you mean to tell me that you don’t know what your favorite kind of pie is?” Nettie’s disbelief was palpable.

Vin tried to deflect Nettie. “Maybe he likes too many to chose just one?”

Chris shook his head at Vin, trying to stop the tracker from helping him. Buck was grinning like a loon and Vin had the evilest little glimmer in his blue eyes. Shit! Chris thought best get these women out of her before those idiots do something to embarrass me or worse before I do something.

“Mr. Larabee…”

“Apple!” Chris barked out suddenly forestalling whatever Mary had intended to say.

“Oh good apples are plentiful right now.” Gloria Potter smiling and nodding happily patted Chris on the arm swung right around and left the jailhouse at a near trot.

Nettie sniffed, “Not much of a challenge.” But she too didn’t linger only giving Vin a smile before she left.

Chris almost let out a sigh of relief then noticed Mary was still standing there. “Uh Mary something else you need?”

“Yes Chris there is.” Mary Travis fastened intent blue eyes on the gunslinger. “How do you feel about cinnamon?” Behind her blond head Chris could see Buck leaning over to whisper in Vin’s ear. Both men turned decidedly predatory gazes on their leader.

Chris felt his eyebrows rising, “Cinnamon?” What the hell is cinnamon? Chris was watching Vin licking his lips as Buck stretched and scratched at his side with a wicked grin.

“Ya know what cinnamon is don’t cha Chris?“ Buck’s low voice hit Chris’s gut and spread heat all through the usually cool gunfighter. “It kind of spices things up a bit.”

“Adds to the flavor.” Vin offered, again far too helpfully. Chris thought of all the places he could shoot them both without making them unfit for other uses.

“Yes Chris do you prefer cinnamon or perhaps cloves?” Mary’s voice held almost the same tone as Buck’s and damn that was scary!

“Now really Mrs. Travis, I’m not sure such information would not give you an unfair advantage.” Another voice entered the fray. Ezra stood just outside the open doorway. Chris wanted to kiss him, NO! Another scary thought! Even though Ezra was rather… Damn this is all Buck’s fault. Every single bit of it. Chris realized that Mary must have spoken, she was looking at him expectantly.

“I’m sorry Mary, we got some peacekeeping business we really need to discuss.” Chris hoped she would not press him, just this once. Fortune smiled on him as Mary Travis smiled sweetly and took her leave hastily. Buck waited only until Ezra had closed the door behind her to let out a whoop of laughter.

Chris glared.

Vin smirked.

Ezra pulled at his cuffs and dusted at invisible lint on his green jacket. “So suppose I should weigh the odds in Mrs. Travis’s favor?” Stepping back into the doorway, Ezra ran his gaze over the flushed face and visibly indignant stance of one Christopher Larabee, before adding. “That is unless Buck or Vin intend to enter the contest?”

Buck and Vin froze.

Chris had actually started to draw his weapon before the wily gambler made it out the door.

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