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Author's Chapter Notes: My first attempt at posting M7 slash outside of my own lj. Beta'd by my dear friend WB, but all mistakes are my own. Obviously I don't own these characters and not one thin dime is being made off this. I hope you enjoy this.

Chris sighed, why him and why now? Buck was grinning at him, totally unrepentant.

“Come on now stud, it’s not that bad, is it?”

Chris wished for about the millionth time that Buck was not immune to his ‘scarier than death’ glare, “Bucklin you volunteer me again for anything without clearing it with me first and I will shoot you.”

Buck shrugged, “It’s a good cause.”

Through gritted teeth, “I don’t give a shit what it’s for! Why can’t you do it? Or Vin or Ezra?”

“Everyone knows you will be impartial. I will make it up to you. I promise.” Dark blue eyes with an irresistible spark in them, “I can start now if you’d like a preview?”

A shot of pure lust ran through the blond. “A preview huh? It better be a good one.” Those long slender fingers of one hand were already twining in his hair. Where was the other hand? Never wise to let Buck’s hands get out of sight. First, check his buttons, yep some had somehow come unbuttoned; how the hell did he do that? Were his britches still buttoned? No! Lord this would be embarrassing if … the rogue picked just that moment to kiss him.

What that man could do with his tongue, there ought to be a law! Hell, there probably was! A brief space of time was missing Chris knew, knew because his gun belt was lying across the table and damn his shirt was off too. And that was nice, the feeling of skin against skin. Staring into the darkening blue eyes, Chris could feel his own gaze growing darker too. So this was just a preview? He thought he liked it so far.

Then he felt it, curving against his aching erection, warm calloused fingers wrapping around his shaft. A low groan rose from his throat, and his eyes closed, good thing that other arm of Buck’s was holding him upright, wrapped close around his back. Between the kisses that were being pressed to his throat with the occasional nips and licks to his ears, and that warm hand working its magic elsewhere; Chris was not sure which way was up.


“So you forgiving me yet.” Chris opened his eyes and found himself staring at the ceiling, he was comfortable and warm. And a hell of a lot more relaxed about everything.

“I reckon, you are just about forgiven.”

“Only just about?” A little snicker, “That’s not what you were saying a little while ago.”

Chris moaned as those hands started roaming over him again. “Awww! All right… BUCK!” Chris writhed and wriggled away, rolling right off the cot in self defense. “You’re forgiven, you’re forgiven. Just don’t do it again, and let me get my pants back on before someone comes in here. The damn door ain’t even locked is it?” Chris was panting and scrambling towards the jail’s front door.

“Who’s going to come looking’ for us in here pard? Everyone knows your busy tearin’ my head off. Nobody wants to get in your way till your done.” Buck smiled and stretched his long lean body out full length on the narrow cot in the back cell. “Sides I told Vin to keep ‘em out till I signal him.”

Chris froze in the midst of buttoning up, “Vin? Vin knows what we’re doin’ in here?”

Buck grinned, “Who do you think suggested you as a judge? I’da never thought of it, ya’ don’t even like pie all that much.” Buck rose, pulling on the tan pants that fit him so well, slithering into his worn cotton shirt and tucking everything into place. He smiled at Chris as he sauntered to the door and opened it.

“Your turn.”

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