Funation by evil Jacquie
Summary: Buck volunteers Chris for something without checking with him. Chris is pissed. Who is surprised by this? Now the revenge!
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1. Chapter 1 by evil Jacquie

2. Chapter 2 Funation Part II - (Vinís turn) by evil Jacquie

3. Chapter 3 - The Contest by evil Jacquie

4. Chapter 4 Chris's Revenge by evil Jacquie

Chapter 1 by evil Jacquie
Author's Notes:
My first attempt at posting M7 slash outside of my own lj. Beta'd by my dear friend WB, but all mistakes are my own. Obviously I don't own these characters and not one thin dime is being made off this. I hope you enjoy this.
Chris sighed, why him and why now? Buck was grinning at him, totally unrepentant.

“Come on now stud, it’s not that bad, is it?”

Chris wished for about the millionth time that Buck was not immune to his ‘scarier than death’ glare, “Bucklin you volunteer me again for anything without clearing it with me first and I will shoot you.”

Buck shrugged, “It’s a good cause.”

Through gritted teeth, “I don’t give a shit what it’s for! Why can’t you do it? Or Vin or Ezra?”

“Everyone knows you will be impartial. I will make it up to you. I promise.” Dark blue eyes with an irresistible spark in them, “I can start now if you’d like a preview?”

A shot of pure lust ran through the blond. “A preview huh? It better be a good one.” Those long slender fingers of one hand were already twining in his hair. Where was the other hand? Never wise to let Buck’s hands get out of sight. First, check his buttons, yep some had somehow come unbuttoned; how the hell did he do that? Were his britches still buttoned? No! Lord this would be embarrassing if … the rogue picked just that moment to kiss him.

What that man could do with his tongue, there ought to be a law! Hell, there probably was! A brief space of time was missing Chris knew, knew because his gun belt was lying across the table and damn his shirt was off too. And that was nice, the feeling of skin against skin. Staring into the darkening blue eyes, Chris could feel his own gaze growing darker too. So this was just a preview? He thought he liked it so far.

Then he felt it, curving against his aching erection, warm calloused fingers wrapping around his shaft. A low groan rose from his throat, and his eyes closed, good thing that other arm of Buck’s was holding him upright, wrapped close around his back. Between the kisses that were being pressed to his throat with the occasional nips and licks to his ears, and that warm hand working its magic elsewhere; Chris was not sure which way was up.


“So you forgiving me yet.” Chris opened his eyes and found himself staring at the ceiling, he was comfortable and warm. And a hell of a lot more relaxed about everything.

“I reckon, you are just about forgiven.”

“Only just about?” A little snicker, “That’s not what you were saying a little while ago.”

Chris moaned as those hands started roaming over him again. “Awww! All right… BUCK!” Chris writhed and wriggled away, rolling right off the cot in self defense. “You’re forgiven, you’re forgiven. Just don’t do it again, and let me get my pants back on before someone comes in here. The damn door ain’t even locked is it?” Chris was panting and scrambling towards the jail’s front door.

“Who’s going to come looking’ for us in here pard? Everyone knows your busy tearin’ my head off. Nobody wants to get in your way till your done.” Buck smiled and stretched his long lean body out full length on the narrow cot in the back cell. “Sides I told Vin to keep ‘em out till I signal him.”

Chris froze in the midst of buttoning up, “Vin? Vin knows what we’re doin’ in here?”

Buck grinned, “Who do you think suggested you as a judge? I’da never thought of it, ya’ don’t even like pie all that much.” Buck rose, pulling on the tan pants that fit him so well, slithering into his worn cotton shirt and tucking everything into place. He smiled at Chris as he sauntered to the door and opened it.

“Your turn.”
Chapter 2 Funation Part II - (Vinís turn) by evil Jacquie
Author's Notes:
Vin's turn to explain his part in this. Sorry no actual sex seems to have happened in this chapter, don't know why? They are still not mine and I certainly don't mean to infringe on anyone's work. Would love some feedback.
“Ya wanted to see me pard?” Vin walked into the dim back cell of the jail cautiously.

“What the hell were you thinking.? Suggesting Buck put my name in to judge that damn contest!” Chris stood with his back to the tracker, still struggling to get his britches up and closed. What did that laundry do to all his pants to make them shrink? He wiggled his ass a bit to see if that helped, then turned to look at his friend. The Larabee glare was hard to give when the person he aimed for had their eyes glued to his crotch.

“Vin! I‘m talkin‘ to you.” Damn if sometimes he didn’t feel like a juicy bone laying in the butcher shop window, with these two mutts drooling and staring. “Stop doing that!”

Vin just slowly raised his eyes and smiled, “I thought you wanted to get to know the folks in town better?”

“What? Why the hell would I want that?” Chris had finally managed to get his clothes rearranged to his satisfaction, but now he was so thunderstruck by Vin‘s calm assertion, well he didn‘t know whether to smack the man or double over laughing. “That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard! What the hell would make you think that?”

Vin frowned, “Ezra said you needed to … I don’t rightly remember the fancy words he used but Josiah said it meant that you needed to get to know the folks here bouts better so you wouldn’t be pissed all the time.”

Vin smiled, surely ole Chris would understand that Vin had only wanted to help his friend be happier. There were very few things that Vin would not do to make Chris happy, even sharing the expense with Buck to have all the gunfighter’s jeans custom laundered by that little Chinese woman. He had to admit Buck had been right about the jeans looking great on Chris’s ass when they fit that way.

Chris was feeling right uncomfortable seeing the way Vin was again staring at his nether regions. Damn the man! Did he have any idea what thoughts those blue eyes but into Chris’s head, and that red shirt, why the hell did he have to wear that? Red. Somehow the color riled him up, made him think of bordellos, silken skin, sweat, sheets, and well… sin. Yep that was it red was a sinful color, maybe why Bucklin had that damn red vest. Maybe why Chris liked seein’ him wearin’ it.

Vin watched Chris daydreaming about something, a wicked little smile playing on his face, he could see that the gunslinger’s thought were far away. Well a good time for Vin to pursue his hobby. Making a list of ways he would like to fuck Chris Larabee senseless. He was up to number 7 when Chris grunted and seemed to notice that they were both just standing there grinning. Vin swallowed and tried to think of something else, something calming… nothing really came to mind as Chris stalked towards him.

Just as another step would have put them into each others arms Buck knocked loudly on the jail door. Company.

Vin stepped back and made sure his jacket was closed enough to hide any visible evidence of his daydreams. Chris pulled his duster on quickly, settling it too. Voices from outside penetrated, female voices.

Chris flinched.

Vin grinned. “Sorry pard I spect I better get goin I think I got to make a patrol.” Vin started for the door.

“Get your ass back here!” Chris growled through gritted teeth. “You ain’t leavin’ yet.” Chris’s panicked thoughts finishing, you ain’t leavin’ me alone! Vin turned back to him, grin still in place.

“C’mon now pard, you ain’t scared of a couple of ladies.” Vin gave his friend a sly grin.

“You sayin’ you ain’t?” Chris huffed.

Vin looked thoughtful for just a moment, then sighed. “Guess I owe it to you.”

“Damn right, you and Bucklin too.” Chris resisted smiling.

“Thought Buck done paid his debt… sort of worked it off?” Vin smirked just a little.

Chris had to bite back his reply as the door swung open, Buck grinned at them and stepped back to allow the three ladies behind him to enter. Gloria Potter, Nettie Wells, and Mary Travis walked into the jailhouse. For one brief moment Chris considered shooting them all including Buck and Vin and running away. Or not, surely the Judge would understand?

Instead Chris tried to put a less frightening (or was that frightened) look on his face and spoke. “Ladies what can I do for you?”

“Mr. Larabee, we need to know what flavor of pie you would prefer for the contest.” Gloria Potter stated succinctly. Chris froze under the pressure. His eyes skittered across to Buck helplessly.

“Ah well ladies let me get back to you on that, old Chris may need a few minutes to decide.” Buck smoothly distracted Gloria, but Miss Nettie and Mary Travis frowned.

“Mr. Larabee, you mean to tell me that you don’t know what your favorite kind of pie is?” Nettie’s disbelief was palpable.

Vin tried to deflect Nettie. “Maybe he likes too many to chose just one?”

Chris shook his head at Vin, trying to stop the tracker from helping him. Buck was grinning like a loon and Vin had the evilest little glimmer in his blue eyes. Shit! Chris thought best get these women out of her before those idiots do something to embarrass me or worse before I do something.

“Mr. Larabee…”

“Apple!” Chris barked out suddenly forestalling whatever Mary had intended to say.

“Oh good apples are plentiful right now.” Gloria Potter smiling and nodding happily patted Chris on the arm swung right around and left the jailhouse at a near trot.

Nettie sniffed, “Not much of a challenge.” But she too didn’t linger only giving Vin a smile before she left.

Chris almost let out a sigh of relief then noticed Mary was still standing there. “Uh Mary something else you need?”

“Yes Chris there is.” Mary Travis fastened intent blue eyes on the gunslinger. “How do you feel about cinnamon?” Behind her blond head Chris could see Buck leaning over to whisper in Vin’s ear. Both men turned decidedly predatory gazes on their leader.

Chris felt his eyebrows rising, “Cinnamon?” What the hell is cinnamon? Chris was watching Vin licking his lips as Buck stretched and scratched at his side with a wicked grin.

“Ya know what cinnamon is don’t cha Chris?“ Buck’s low voice hit Chris’s gut and spread heat all through the usually cool gunfighter. “It kind of spices things up a bit.”

“Adds to the flavor.” Vin offered, again far too helpfully. Chris thought of all the places he could shoot them both without making them unfit for other uses.

“Yes Chris do you prefer cinnamon or perhaps cloves?” Mary’s voice held almost the same tone as Buck’s and damn that was scary!

“Now really Mrs. Travis, I’m not sure such information would not give you an unfair advantage.” Another voice entered the fray. Ezra stood just outside the open doorway. Chris wanted to kiss him, NO! Another scary thought! Even though Ezra was rather… Damn this is all Buck’s fault. Every single bit of it. Chris realized that Mary must have spoken, she was looking at him expectantly.

“I’m sorry Mary, we got some peacekeeping business we really need to discuss.” Chris hoped she would not press him, just this once. Fortune smiled on him as Mary Travis smiled sweetly and took her leave hastily. Buck waited only until Ezra had closed the door behind her to let out a whoop of laughter.

Chris glared.

Vin smirked.

Ezra pulled at his cuffs and dusted at invisible lint on his green jacket. “So suppose I should weigh the odds in Mrs. Travis’s favor?” Stepping back into the doorway, Ezra ran his gaze over the flushed face and visibly indignant stance of one Christopher Larabee, before adding. “That is unless Buck or Vin intend to enter the contest?”

Buck and Vin froze.

Chris had actually started to draw his weapon before the wily gambler made it out the door.
Chapter 3 - The Contest by evil Jacquie
Author's Notes:
Thanks to my dear friends WB and PeeK for getting me started on this and reading all the bits and pieces. Any mistakes are mine. No obvious slashiness in this chapter, but plenty implied. No pies were harmed in the writing of this fic!
The day of the celebration finally arrived; a soft breeze blew puffy white clouds across the blue sky. Not too cool, not too warm; perfect weather for the many planned outdoor activities. There were races of every kind, contests for the biggest and best of all the local produce and of course cooking contests. Chris smirked as he watched JD’s attempts at escorting Casey Wells to the various booths proudly displaying homemade jars of jellies, jams, relishes, and breads. The head-strong young woman rolled her eyes at these maidenly skills and stalked off towards the livestock contests.

A raised voice made Chris turn to an even more humorous sight, Josiah was making his infamous chili and had persuaded Nathan to be a taster. The healer was now attempting to swallow an entire bucket of water while sweating profusely and flapping his hands rapidly. Chris grinned more broadly, he could have told Nate and JD they were making mistakes, but some things a man had to learn for himself. Experience was the best teacher after all.

Now if Larabee could just live through his own experience this afternoon he’d be doing much better tonight. Chris had plans for tonight, and at that thought the grin turned positively wicked. Another round of half strangled curses drew him back to watching Nathan and Josiah. The tracker had joined the two and was holding a ladle full of Josiah’s chili. From the wary expression on Vin’s face Chris could tell he was considering tasting the contents. Chris frowned, if Vin scorched his mouth and tongue or became violently ill, Larabee might have to revise his plans.

“Hey Tanner!” Chris called out, “You ain’t been in the desert too long have you boy?” With a gesture at the still suffering healer, Chris shook his head in warning.

“Ah now Chris, ya know I like my food on the spicy side a lot more than Nate does.” Vin held the ladle up under his nose and inhaled deeply. “Smells mighty good to me Josiah.”

“Go on Vin give it a try, Nate probably just bit down on a Chiltepin* or maybe one of the Habanero**, I tried to take ‘em all out but I guess I missed one or two.” Josiah seemed to truly regret Nathan’s predicament, offering the healer a beer. Nathan shook his head and managed to gasp out a garbled request for milk.

Vin nodded in agreement with Josiah, Chris went into Mrs. Tipper’s cafť and requested a glass of milk for Nathan. On his return, Chris found Vin sucking great gulps of air into his mouth, but not unduly upset. Between gasps of air he nodded and smiled, even taking another bite of the fiery chili. Chris shrugged and handed Nathan the glass of cool milk.

Buck came wandering over Miss Millie’s arm tucked into his, a huge grin on his face. “What y’all boys up to here?” Buck’s eyes held more heat than the damned peppers, as they met Chris’s over the ever resistant Millie’s head. Vin chortled and nearly choked on his last bite. Millie giggled prettily.

“Not much Bucklin, Josiah’s working on his chili, Nathan is recovering from tasting it. Vin’s trying to get his breath back but seemed to like it well enough.” Chris let the intensity in his gaze travel over the lanky gunslinger’s body and was delighted with the way Buck shifted as if he could feel the heat. Busy hiding the smirk that swept over his face Chris was surprised when Buck challenged him.

“You gonna try it Stud?” Buck’s subtle movement made Chris’s breath catch. Damn the man! Right here in broad daylight in front of this silly little tease of a girl, Buck was sending him very obvious signals. Vin saw it, so did Josiah, though the grizzled gunfighter, former priest only huffed out a quiet and ambiguous chuckle. Nathan was still too busy recovering from his near combustion to notice much of any thing, fortunately. Vin, on the other hand focused hooded eyes hungrily on him and the little smile that caressed the tracker’s lips made Chris feel like a little lamb confronting a big bad wolf!

Time to regain control of this situation. “No I got to save myself for later.” Noncommittal enough to avoid any misunderstandings by innocent young girls. Yet hinting at better things to come with the night. Buck’s eyes sparkled and Vin ducked his head to hide his thoughts, always a good sign. Now perhaps a strategic retreat was in order? “Think I’ll take a look at the horses.” Chris sauntered away.

The day was whiled away with out further indiscretions by either Chris or his friends. Josiah’s chili was pronounced the hottest, a dubious honor but highly satisfying to the former priest. JD squired Casey to the bulldogging contest and got to hold her hand, bringing a glow of happiness to both their faces. Chris caught sight of Buck kissing Miss Millie’s hand and accepting a token from her as he mounted for his first race. But it was only to be expected, people would have talked if Buck didn’t kiss some girl here today. The races were exciting, Buck did well until Steele came up lame.

Chris offered condolences but Buck seemed more concerned over his mount’s welfare than the outcome of the races. Typically; as soon as he and Tiny ascertained that Steele was not seriously injured, merely a stone bruise that would heal with proper care, Buck was all grins and congratulations for the winners.

Finally, the time came for the pie judging. Chris had managed to stay well away from that area of the fair, he wanted no accusations of improprieties. Now he found himself staring at a table laden with perfect examples of apple pies. If the smells emanating from them were any clue all six were delicious. Chris straightened his shoulders, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. A knife, fork and pie plate were placed before each offering, he had no clues as to who had baked what, indeed he realized he wasn’t even sure who all had entered in the end. There were at least three mystery entries!

Releasing a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding Chris cut into the first pie. Nicely golden crust, pleasing aroma, now just a small bite… whoa a little heavy on the cloves. He managed to chew and swallow, keeping his face as smooth a mask as Ezra at his best. Next pie, crust a little too done, tough… hey this could be pretty easy. Truthfully, Chris’s greatest fear had been he would not be able to tell the difference; apparently that would not be a problem! With increasing confidence Chris moved to the next pie.

The third pie was delicious, crust flaky, apples just the correct degree of tenderness without being too soft, nice cinnamon flavor, but not overpowering. So number three was good. Chris dared to raise his eyes and met the crafty clear green orbs of the gambler. Good Lord! Did Ezra have bets on this contest too. Quickly Chris moved on to the next entry, it looked good but as soon as he bit down he knew - apples overcooked, mushy. No problem eliminating this one. Only two more to go, Chris gave a quick glance up the table to see if there were any obvious defects he could pick out visually. No, both looked temptingly golden brown.

Still Chris reckoned he was doing great, so far. Now for number five, yes good crust, apples quite good too, okay so maybe it would boil down to these two number three and five. Larabee wondered if it would be possible to have a tie? Keep moving, don’t linger. The last pie seemed good. Crust? Perfect. Apples? Damn! Flawless seasoning too! As far as Chris could tell numbers three, five, and six were perfectly delicious examples of apple pies. Shit! How to decide?

A murmur was growing in the crowd, Chris looked up to see Tanner and Wilmington standing directly across from him grinning like the fools they were! A bona fide Larabee death glare shot across the room at them, typically ineffectual on those two. In his irritation Chris made the mistake of glancing around the room, Nettie Wells, Mary Travis, and Gloria Potter were watching him intently.

Quickly Chris dropped his eyes, no that was a mistake. Show no fear! He knew that rule from his earliest days as a gunfighter. Nodding his head as if considering his choices Chris moved with slow deliberation back up the table. He stopped at the third pie and lifted the entire pan up to sniff it. Searching for any subtle differences from the other two he’d liked he stalked down the row to the fifth pie and repeated the process. Finally, he sniffed the sixth pie. A grin settled on Larabee’s face. Decision made.

Walking back to the head of the table Chris lifted the ribbons, still grinning he lay down his the white, red and blue ribbons and looked up. Silence reigned. Chris frowned, something was definitely wrong. Then all at once everyone was talking!

Casey was happily hugging JD and waving her white ribbon in her aunt’s face. Nettie patted her niece’s back and shot a glare at Chris, then turned on her heel and left. Following close behind her was Gloria Potter, muttering and clucking about a man not knowing the first thing about baking. Chris looked around to see who had claimed second and first place.

“Well, well, well. Just as I conjectured.” Ezra’s sultry drawl sounded right beside him, the gambler was waving a handful of cash. Chris felt a snarl trying to erupt.

“What’s going on Ezra?” Chris growled.

Gesturing behind him Standish sniffed, “As you’ll no doubt recall I wondered if they might enter.” Chris opened his mouth to snap out something… and left his mouth hanging open at the sight of Buck waving a red ribbon in his hand and Vin proudly pinning the blue to his own shirt! “I felt sure that those two would best know what pleased you Mr. Larabee,” and a smug Ezra strolled away, passing a highly irritated Mary Travis as he exited the tent.

Chris took one look at Mary, who was now moving purposely towards him, and decided that discretion was the better part. He hurried in the opposite direction and made for the livery. As he saddled Pony, he made dire promises under his breath. With almost unseemly haste, Chris mounted and rode out of the stable at a trot, he didn’t slow down until he crested the hill outside of town. Looking back with a sigh Chris headed for his cabin, hopefully Buck and the others would figure out where and why he’d left.
Chapter 4 Chris's Revenge by evil Jacquie
Author's Notes:
They still aren't mine more's the pity. Thank you to WB and PeeK for all the help and encouragement. All mistakes are mine, ( and if you'll point them out I'll be happy to fix them.)

Chris has plans for getting even. But is that what he really needs and wants?
Twilight deepened as Chris was settling Pony into the corral, the half finished barn offering no real protection yet. About to trudge to his cabin Chris paused, Pony’s nicker was the first warning that Chris had of company coming. Waiting with some trepidation, Chris stared into the gathering darkness, a shadow grew larger and detached itself into two shadows, then recognizable figures. Chris felt a thrill of anticipation replacing his previous worry. Possibly his plan was back on track! The lean gunslinger rushed to the cabin to prepare his snare.

Buck was telling Vin a long draw out version of a story the tracker had heard before as they rode up to Chris’s cabin. Vin only half listening, knowing that Buck only spoke to keep from working himself into a state, mumbling a response whenever Buck paused. The last few yards were pitch black, night fell quickly once the sun dropped behind the nearby hills. The first thing that Vin noticed was that there was no light from the cabin.

“Ya sure Chris come out here, Junior?” Buck asked at the same time.

“I thought fer sure he would…” then the sound of Pony welcoming Steele and Peso confirmed Vin’s suspicions. “If Pony’s here Chris must be too.” Vin stated definitively. Buck nodded.

“Yeah must be.” Buck’s voice told Vin just how worried the gunslinger was; in truth Vin was just as worried. Too many times they’d been caught by sins of the past. Without taking the time to unsaddle their horses both men dismounted at the cabin weapons drawn.

Before entering the dark cabin, Vin crouched low and called out. No reply, no sound. Buck moved cautiously inside, finding the side table and lamp by touch he struck a Lucifer and lit the wick. The room appeared normal with two notable exceptions: there was no quilt or pillow on the lumpy bed in the corner and a trail of clothing led to the back door. Boots, dark shirt, black canvas pants, socks, drawers and laying right in the open door Chris’s wide brimmed hat! The two friends looked at each other and gleeful smiles split their faces.

Without hesitation Buck and Vin started stripping out of their own clothing, everything dropped where they stood then they were both moving towards the back door. From out of the darkness a stern voice called.

“Don’t forget to turn down that lamp, don’t want the cabin burning down during the night!”

“Oh right.” Buck turned back and blew it out. Now lit only by the stars’ pale light, Buck saw Vin‘s slender naked form moving ghostlike towards the door. “Hey Tanner, wait for me!” Buck speedily followed.

The early stars were the only illumination outside, their light reflected on the pale form and bedding spread there. Vin was already half way across the yard when Buck’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. Long legs strode purposefully to catch up. It was only a matter of seconds before both men tumbled down onto the quilt, hands reaching and finding warm flesh. Chris gave a little moan as his two lovers happily began apologizing for their earlier trickery.

Chris lay back and let the calloused hands stroking over his flesh, heating it further with every touch. Little murmuring promises of the pleasures that lay ahead came from both sides as his lovers thought that they were taking advantage of him. Chris grinned. So far so good.

Chris managed to distract Buck by biting at the juncture of throat and shoulder and sucking hard and long then focusing Vin’s arousal on his oldest friend’s hungry body. Now that both of them were occupied, Chris moved off the blanket silently and felt the ground for the leather straps he’d left there. The straps were tied to wooden stakes that Chris had driven into the ground the full width of the blanket apart. Chris widened the loops on both sets of straps with a smirk, very soon he’d have his lovers restrained and then his fun could really begin.

Chris knew he had to get Buck under control first because Buck was simply too big for Chris to wrestle down without resorting to actually hurting him. As pissed as Chris was he didn’t want to hurt Buck. Once the gunfighter was restrained Chris had to quickly contain Vin before either really knew what their lover was doing. Vin was not going to like being tied up. At least not at first, Chris thought that by the end of the night his long haired lover would begin to see the pleasure of the straps. He hoped so anyway.

Buck on the other hand would take to this like a fish to water, but Chris was tired of fighting all of Buck’s hands. Sometimes it seems like Buck had extra arms and hands, no doubt about it Buck was always an enthusiastic lover. Just sometimes Chris wanted to be in complete control.

Now while they were both so involved, Chris took a moment to enjoy the view, Vin’s head bent over Buck’s hips, bobbing up and down rhythmically. Buck arching and moaning, his large hands entangled in Vin’s hair. Vin moved till he was lying beside Buck, began thrusting his hips against the other man’s thigh and groaning. It was a glorious sight and Chris was hard pressed not to jump back into the midst of them. But he was stronger willed than that. Still a little rumble of desire slipped from between his gritted teeth.

No time to lose Chris thought as he reached for one of Buck’s hands. Stroking the knuckles and tendons, licking and sucking at the webbing between the thumb and forefinger, Chris quickly had one hand pressing against his lips. Buck stared at him, even in the dark Chris could see the desire in the man’s eyes. Pulling Buck’s hand up over his head Chris quickly slipped one leather loop over the strong hand and tightened it. Licking his way down the inside of Buck’s arm till he was burrowed into his lover’s side. Buck grinned at him when Chris began tugging at the silky dark hair. He was engrossed in the thick masculine scent that was all Buck, kissing and nibbling his way back up to Buck‘s wrist. Chris made sure his lover‘s hand was securely tied and reached back for the other hand. Without complaint the tall gunfighter relinquished his hold on the tracker and allowed Chris to pull his other arm over his head. Chris moved quickly to tighten the straps above Buck’s head.

The next step was a little trickier, Chris scrambled to the other end of the quilt and speedily slipped one more noose around Buck’s left ankle. It was fastened and tightened before Buck really knew what was going on. He tugged once or twice, but didn’t seem too upset when Chris rubbed and stroked his foot and calf. Then Vin did something that captured Buck’s total attention and Chris knew it was safe to start the next part of his plan. Capturing Vin!

The tracker hadn’t noticed the absence of Buck’s hands, totally engrossed it the taste and feel of the body beneath him. Chris moved behind Vin and wrapped his arms around the tracker. Slipping a hand between Vin’s cock and Buck’s thigh, Chris captured the steely length and began stroking. He pressed against Vin’s back and started kissing a trail up the knobby spine to the sensitive ear. Sucking at the tender lobe, licking the rim of the shell, Chris soon had Vin stretching to give him more access to his body and the heated kisses he was receiving.

It only took a few moments to have Vin stretched out full length on his back. Chris took a few minutes to savor the taste of Vin’s engorged cock and then kissed his way back up the tracker’s body. Buck was making little mewling sounds as he watched, Vin reached towards the taller man, but Chris captured the roving hand and pulled it up to the waiting loops of leather. Now was the time for haste, quickly before Vin really understood what was going on, Chris had to catch and secure his other hand and then at least one foot. It would require lightning reflexes, fortunately Chris’s reflexes were just that fast. In no time he’d secured a puzzled Vin to the ground beside Buck. Now he had them right where he wanted them!

Chris stood over his lovers and gloated, “So now let’s talk boys.”

“Talk!” Buck was outraged, talking was the last thing on his fevered mind.

“What the hell Larabee, untie me!” Vin was already tugging angrily at the snares around his wrists.

“You’re not goin’ nowhere Tanner, and Bucklin the only chance you got for getting any tonight is if you can talk your way outta them leather tie downs.” Chris’s smile was wickedly happy, fortunately the evening shadows hid it from his two lovers. The blond gunfighter chuckled and turned back towards the cabin.


“Larabee ya ain’t just gonna leave us out here like this!”

“Patience boys, patience.” Chris called back to them as he entered his cabin. Still grinning, Chris took his time gathering the necessary items. He decided it would do them both good to have a little time to think things over. A good ten minutes later Chris strolled back outside.

“Okay Chris ya done made your point.” Vin didn’t sound properly contrite to Chris’s ears.

“Is that the way you apologize Tanner?” Chris sucked a noisy breath in, “Damn piss poor way to git yourself untied.” Chris knelt down beside Buck allowing his eyes to roam over the blood heavy cock that was already weeping. “How about you Buck? You figure out the magic words yet?”

“Whatever you want me to say Chris…just fuck me when your ready.” Buck thrust his hips up to emphasize his eagerness. Chris felt a wave of lust rush through him.

“Much better tactics.” He leaned down and thoroughly kissed his long time lover. Buck’s little moans drew answering groans from Chris. Reveling in all the ways that Buck knew how to please him, Chris nibbled his way down the muscular chest. He knew Buck was loving this game.

Vin on the other hand was not a happy cowboy. Chris rose and stepped over Buck only to kneel again between the two naked men. He settled the pail he had brought from the house in front of him and ran his hands over Vin’s wiry form. Tanner glared at him.

“Now Junior, ya have to try to get into the spirit of things.” Buck moved his free leg, rubbing his foot against Vin’s leg as best he could. “It ain’t all that often ole Chris gets in this kinda mood, enjoy it while it lasts.” The dark blue eyes were intently focused on the other two men. Vin kicked at Buck’s exploring foot and snarled angrily.

“Fuck you Bucklin! Maybe you like getting hogtied but I …” Vin gasped and the only sounds he made were unrecognizable as words for several long minutes.

Finally Chris sat back up smacking his lips, “So you’re not enjoying this Vin, is that what you’re saying?” Vin just lay there dragging in great gulps of air, hips still rocking with the remembered rhythm of Chris‘s mouth. Buck had watched with close attention and now made a little mewling noise that drew Chris back to him. This time Chris was armed.

“So Buck how do you feel about …feathers?” Chris opened the small pot of sweet oil and dipped one of the feathers he’d saved into it. A low moan and thrusting of hips was all the answer Larabee received as he flicked the oil off of the long feather. Chris chuckled at the sight.

“That sure is a fine sight, don’t cha think Vin?” Chris trailed the oil soaked feather over Buck’s chest, circling the pebbled nipples and drawing more moans and murmurs of pleasure from his lover’s lips. Vin was watching now with heavy-lidded eyes, a sensuous smile and his own murmurs of appreciation. Chris drew the feather down in a wandering line from the hollow of Buck’s throat to the dip of his navel. Pausing only to swirl and anoint that sensitive area, Chris stroked the knuckles of his free hand against Vin’s ribs just to drag some more of those pleasurable sounds from him.

“Might be more fun with both of us ganging up on him?” When he could manage to speak coherently, Vin’s voice had that raspy quality that sent shivers down Chris’s back. He turned and glanced at the lean form of the tracker.

“You just want me to let you loose, then you’ll skedaddle.”

“Take a closer look Larabee.” Vin whispered hoarsely; he moved his body in one long undulating motion. “I’m wantin’ you Chris… wantin’ Bucklin too. Want you inside me. Don’t make me wait too long.” Vin looked ready, cock engorged and weeping, little twitches of desire running through his body.

Damn! Chris thought wishing abruptly that he could be two places at once. Buck moaned softly again, and Chris stroked down the flat plane of his chest with the tip of the feather. Feeling the dark blue eyes drilling into him, Chris sighed, he was only one man.

Leaning up over Buck he breathed in his long time lover’s air and whispered. “What do you want Stud?”

“Want to fuck you hard or hell just let me watch you and Vin fuck.” Buck lifted his head the final inch that brought their lips together and Chris knew he’d lost. When they finally broke apart, both gasping for air, Larabee reached over his head and tugged the knife loose with a quick motion he slashed through the ties on Buck’s hands and then Vin’s. No matter what they did Chris knew he’d be the winner, and not a shot needed to be fired.

Chris thought he was ready for what was going to happen next, but Vin barreled him over before the blond gunfighter knew what hit him. Buck read the tracker’s movements and went along like the two of them had planned it, in seconds Chris was a moaning, writhing, wanton creature with no thought of any kind except begging them not to stop. They were very happy to comply.

Hot mouths, calloused fingers, and swollen weeping cocks all contributed to the pleasure and ultimate downfall of one Christopher Larabee. In the end he’d come so hard and fast that he’d lost consciousness, swooning so completely that it scared the other two.

Gentle pats on his face and concerned voices, Chris swam back into the here and now. Blinking up at Buck’s worried face, hearing Vin’s rough voice from right next him.

“Chris? Can you hear me? Come on pard, open your eyes.” Chris sighed, his throat felt sore, he wondered why. Oh yes vaguely he remembered screaming out the names of his two lovers. Damn they’d never let him live this down.

“You think he’s okay, Buck?” Vin really was sweet, Chris thought as he blinked sleepily.

Buck’s warm hands moved under him and Chris realized that his oldest friend and long time lover meant to carry him. “No Buck. Don’t I can walk.”

Buck snorted. “Sure you can pard.” He nuzzled into the soft silky hair and licked at the shell of Chris’s ear, “But why don’t you just let ole Buck take care of you, just this once?” Already Chris felt the surge and floating sensation and knew Buck had lifted him. Strong arms held him close and well it was awful nice to just press closer to that broad chest and let his head lay against Buck’s shoulder. Chris nibbled a line up Buck’s collar bone and finally managed to slide his hand up into Buck’s dark hair.

“I’m all right, just a little sleepy, Vin.” Chris sought to reassure the tracker who was hovering just in front of them. Vin smiled at him.

“Glad to hear you’re back with us. You sure did drop fast Larabee. Scared the crap out of me.” Vin was laughing at himself now. Buck jostle Chris a bit as he started to climb the stairs and Vin jumped up ahead to open the door.

“Here we go, Cowboy. I think that bed is looking mighty comfy right now. Don’t you think so Vin?” Buck laughed too.

Chris had to agree as Buck laid him out on the cotton quilt, Vin was moving around to the other side and crawling over to join him. Buck went back out into the darkness and Chris wanted to protest, but Vin made him forget what it was he wanted to say. Then Buck was back with the sweet oil and the feather and damn he had that look on his face.

Chris took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “What’re you up to now Buck?”

Buck’s grin got even wider, “Sleeping for now, this here’s for later Stud.”

And damned if the lanky SOB didn’t mean it.

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