Terms of Service

Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Courtesy is not required, but it is recommended.

Age Statments

I don't ask for them and I never will. This site contains rating labels which in combination with parental filtering software are an effective system for disallowing children access to adult material while maintaining what I like the most about the internet, privacy, easy access and content on demand.

A recent slash convention was held in a hotel that restricts many kinds of adult content. DnF was one of only a few slash archives whose content fans could *not* access because of its content filters. Content filters work! The best way--the only way--to keep your kids from seeing content you don't want them to see is to restrict the content yourself.

If any parent has question about how to set filters so that this site's adult content will be blocked, just ask. If any archivist has questions about how to register their archives with any of the parents tools, I would be happy to help them.

Linking Policy

DnF loves to link and be linked within the fan community. Link to the home page at http://dnf.slashcity.org/. I'm happy to set up a return link as well. Just email me with your url.

If you want to link to a particular story, please DO NOT link to any of the individual stories archived here without first obtaining the permission of the author. If you have the option of linking to an introduction page (see this example: Snit) where the story has an introductory "chapter" as well) please respect the author's effort and link to that page instead of directly to the story page.