When you click on the LOGIN button, it will take you to the MEMBER LOGIN screen. Click the REGISTER button, then fill in the required boxes displayed (pen name, email address, and password). Your Pen Name must be at least 3 characters long, no numbers- spaces okay. Remember to capitalize the first letter of each word of your name!

Please feel free to fill in the "optional" boxes as well:

After you have entered your information, enter the security code then click the SUBMIT button.

By registering, you receive the following privileges:

  1. You can submit/archive stories.
  2. You can edit your archived stories.
  3. You can write reviews.
  4. You can keep a favorite stories and authors list.
  5. You can be notified when one of your favorites is updated.
  6. You can make comments on the news items.
  7. You can add an age statment to your profile so that when you are logged in you can bypass the warnings.
  8. You can issue Challenges.

All user fields except Pen Name are editable via Your Account menu screen. Enjoy and if you have any questions or concerns, contact the archivist.

Adding a Story

(Need to be Revised)

It's really easy to become an author-member and post a story. It's so much easier than writing the story, you wouldn't even believe it. Try these simple steps just for fun, and let me know what you think, all right?


Step 1: create your author account.

Click on REGISTER. Fill out that form, and click the submit button. You'll get a password mailed to you. (There are a few more details in the FAQ and Guidelines section.) The good thing about registering is that your web site will be listed, you'll be able to review other people's stories, and you'll be able to edit your story the instant you see a typo. Yes, we all know we re-read our own stories sometimes. :)

Step 2: upload a story.

Login (with your name and password).

This will take you to the USER ACCOUNT PAGE. One this page you'll find several underlined options. The first is Add New Story.

Click on Add New Story.

The ADD STORY window opens. At the bottom of that window, you Choose your Category, then click the select button. For example, under -Slash, click ATF.

The ADD NEW STORY window opens, and when you paste in your story and title and info, you've just uploaded your first story into the DnF auto archive.

A few details.

You can enter the story Title. In chapter title, if there's only one chapter, put 1 of 1. Summary can't be left blank. You have to select at least one choice from the Genres, Characters, and Rating boxes, and it's really cool because then people can search for your story based on any of your selections. (If you want to select more than one, for example if it's a drama and a hurt/comfort genre, click on Drama, then hold down the ctrl key (or apple key on a Mac) and click on Hurt/Comfort). That selects both choices.

In the Story Text box, you paste your story, making sure you have one paragraph
return between each of your paragraphs (to make it easy to read). You'll click on "Preview" and it will show you how pretty it all is. If it looks like you want it to look, you'll scroll to the bottom and click on Add Story, and you have just added your story!

*It will take a little longer to archive a long, many chapter, story.