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Summary: A story about Chris and Buck's first time when they were both young ( around 17-19 age). Buck being experienced at that age tripping Chris. Sweet, loving, naughty, sexy or kinky versions. Can be graphical or merely suggestive.
Categories: Slash
Characters: Chris/Buck

The GEEZER challenge by Anne and Charlotte!

Summary: Write a story, short or long, about how settling down in old age doesn't take away the beauty of our boys. Geezer fic might have less sex and more intimacy; it might have more reflection and less hard-edged determination. It might have more sex after all. ;) Suggestion: Chris is 70 in 1920. Homes have electricity, telephones, running water; movie houses exist in every town. And he and Buck (and how many of the others have they kept in touch with, or are still close to?) have seen it all....
Categories: Slash
Characters: All Seven, Chris/Buck

Summary: A Dail-and-Stan-inspired August 2007 challenge. Write a C/B-related drabble of exactly 100 words about talking, or the lack thereof. For example, why Chris doesn't talk and what that means, or why Buck talks so much, or when Buck doesn't talk, or when Buck does. Alternately, write any other drabble you want.
Categories: None
Characters: Chris/Buck

Summary: Write a short story to celebrate the DnF yahoogroup's third anniversary (November 19). The theme: "happy anniversaries"
Categories: Slash
Characters: Chris/Buck, Chris/Buck/Vin

Summary: Write a story where Sam and Dean Winchester head to Denver to check into a rumor of a shapeshifter, who just happens to be Buck Wilmington. Bonus points for throwing in a villian (supernatural or human) and making the Winchesters and Team 7 work together.
Categories: Slash, Gen
Characters: None